As the management and employees of SAR TEKNİK our goal is to ensure customer contentment and to satisfy our stakeholders and society at the same time by;


   Applying our quality system to all our units without compromising the quality of the products and services

   Being in cooperation with our customers and business partners in the scope of complete and timely delivery policy

   Training our employees to increase the efficiency and ensuring their participation to create a team spirit

   Implementing our policy of continuous improvement to all our units

   Developing products by following latest Technologies and innovative ideas, to become a leading company

   Performing all activitiesaccording to the environmental regulations and the related expectations of our customers


We, the SAR TEKNİK Family, commit to carry out our activities and the continuous improvement of our management system, which we have created according to the conditions and principles of the TS – EN – ISO 9001 : 2008 Standard.





   Actualize the production of luggage racks & air channel systems for commercial vehicles and racks and plastic parts for the automotive industry by using the latest technological methods accepted worldwide.




   To increase the company’s value as a brand related to the continuous and balanced growth, to ensure the satisfaction of internal and external customers by providing high quality products and to become a REFERENCE company be developing quality consciousness in all units.


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